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MRM opened its doors 50 years ago to provide the finest tax, accounting, and consulting services; to help our clients achieve their maximum potential; to be a great place to work; to give back to our community; and to grow our practice without losing our local Dallas identity and personal relationships.  This philosophy is the heart and soul of our firm and we reaffirm this 50 year old philosophy today.

Life is a journey, not a destination.  Our clients stay with us for many years, some their entire life, and we are honored to take that journey with you.  As MRM has been around for 50 years, we are a multi-generational firm focusing on the needs of all personal and business life cycles – young startups, growth-oriented businesses, businesses seeking expansion, as well as mature businesses ready to wind down or transfer to the next generation.

Business is personal and relationships matter to us.

We are a full-service, stable but growth-oriented CPA firm that serves individuals and businesses across many industries.  We are trusted advisors. We greatly value our integrity. We are creative, confidential, ethical, reliable professionals that are truly happy to share our knowledge and advice with everyone who will listen.


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50 years ago there was no internet, no personal computers, no smart phones, no credit cards or online banking, no CRM, ERP, EFT, EDI, SAAS, no internet of things, no big data, no mobile, and no apps.  The common denominator is technological advances, and we strive daily to stay ahead of the curve so that we may all achieve business nirvana – that sweet spot where we are purely happy doing what we love.


MRM is an early adopter of technological business tools – continuously deploying  customized solutions to help our clients save money, make money, or get home faster.


There are technologies out today that are changing the way we run our businesses, and these technological advances are growing at exponential rates.  Please don’t hesitate to contact our office so that we may help you implement a solution that puts you ahead of the curve.


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Changes for our Review, Compilation, and Financial Statement Preparation Clients

Some of the services our firm provides are governed by standards set by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). There are changes to some of these standards that go into effect for engagements on financial statements dated on or after December 15, 2015, and they may impact you if we provide you or your organization with financial statement preparation services or perform a review or compilation of your financial statements.  We will review the changes in more detail with you but here’s a brief overview of some of the changes. These changes do not impact tax or audit engagements.


Financial Statement Preparation Services: For clients who have engaged us for bookkeeping services, account reconciliations, and to prepare their financial statements for tax return preparation, you will notice a substantial change in our deliverables.  Whereas in the past we were required to issue a report if such financial statements were expected to be used by third parties (including most boards of directors), we can now issue financial statements to you without a report.  However, we will be required to indicate on each page of the financial statements that no assurance is provided.  Our firm name will not appear on the financial statements.  We’ll ask you to sign an engagement letter that is designed to clarify responsibilities.


Compilation of financial statements: For clients who have engaged us to perform a compilation engagement in the past, if you require a report on your financial statements (regardless of whether we prepared the financial statements), you’ll see a few changes.  We’ll ask you to sign an engagement letter that includes some changes designed to clarify responsibilities.  The compilation report is also changing to make it easier for readers to distinguish it from a review or audit report.


Review of financial statements: For clients who have engaged us to perform a review of financial statements, there are also a few changes.  We’ll ask you to sign an engagement letter that includes some changes designed to more clearly outline responsibilities. The review report is changing slightly and there may be some other changes throughout the course of the review engagement.


This is just a quick synopsis of some topics we will be discussing with you in more detail if you are impacted by the changes outlined above. We believe that these changes will allow us to better serve you by offering the option of formalizing our accounting assistance through the new preparation service and by providing another opportunity to discuss services to best meet your needs. Until then, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us any time.


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